About A Girl

So this is what I wrote on Facebook in 2009 (before they started messing with FB). It pretty much still applies today. Does that mean I haven’t evolved? Hmmm…

Taking care of my zoo (Chow, 2 cats, 2 cursing parrots), shopping (yes, this is an activity and it does require extensive training...it really should be an Olympic event), reading, writing, working out, playing with my toys (I'm talking electronic toys here, guys!), unpacking from the last move or packing for the next move (again...Olympics, are you listening?)

I love makeup & fashion (and the subsets of shoes & handbags), one of my other personalities is a gadget girl obsessed with technology, cooking, I have many other hobbies…if only I could find a job where I could just play all day…

Rock, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock (pretty much all things Rock), Country, even some Pop

Movies & TV:
TV: CSI (all), Criminal Minds, NCIS (both), The Closer (Do you see a theme here?) HGTV, Food Network. Still love the old Seinfeld & Friends shows
MOVIES: When Harry Met Sally, Four Weddings and a Funeral (a movie that uses my favorite word over and over!), Funny Farm, Home Alone, Wizard of Oz, Goodfellas, Godfather (of course!)

Usually the last one that I read. Contemporary fiction, mysteries, tech manuals

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” Unknown
“Just keep on laughing” My step-father (apparently I laugh inappropriately)
“F*** ‘em if they can’t take a joke” Dick Meeder (The GM at 96 Rock)

Accountant: I have moved back and forth across the country many times. While I have lived in lots of places, I seem to keep moving between the same 3...3 moves to California (this one I understand…she has always had a big piece of my heart), 2 moves to Atlanta (I know I used to make fun of Atlanta…what can I say? She won me over!), 2 moves to Florida (yeah, well…apparently, I don’t learn from my mistakes). During my 100 years of working, I have had lots of jobs, but most of my career has been in media...mainly radio, but also television and advertising.
Other Positions: Personal Chef, Organizer