Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pretty in Pink

I LOVE nail polish! I have been doing my own mani/pedi for years.  It’s a ritual with me. Every Sunday night, out come the tools of the trade and I get down to business. The hardest part is choosing the color. I don’t do designs…only because I don’t have the patience nor the natural artistic flair. I could come up with designs in my head, but executing them on that teeny little canvas…no way.  So the most creative I get is alternating colors. I have been known to wear a different color on every nail. Gotta mix it up sometimes! (And yes, I am sure the nail police would say anyone over 19 is too old for that look. I have two words for them…anyone who knows me, knows what those two words are.)

I love this combo:


On the left is Maybelline Express Finish in #250 Berry Boucle. On the right is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in #11 Strobe Light.

I have been rockin’ the short nails since…I don’t know, a long time. At first, after years of long nails (but not dragon daggers), I wasn’t so sure I could make the switch. Now, no going back.

OK, this pic doesn’t really show short nails. But they are usually shorter than this. Trust me. (Here’s a piece of advice. When someone says “Trust me”…don’t trust them…except me, of course.)


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  2. Hi It's me Kathy!
    I wish I was like you. I can't seem to get off my lazy butt up and do my own nails and feet. Let alone every night. . I love the colors! I would say the hardest part for me is painting with the hand I don't write with. Lol!!

    1. Yes that is hard for me too. But it does get easier the more you do it. Since I am right-handed I paint that hand first. Since I am using my left hand that has no polish on it yet I don't have to worry about hitting one of those wet nails. Then when I paint my left hand I have less chance of messing up. Does that make sense?

  3. Love the idea of doing my nails every week, but like Kathy, I´m just too damned lazy lol

    And although I don´t know you that well, I have a feeling that those two words are probably the same two words that I would use, but obviously they are the kind of words that are much better said out loud that written on the net for the whole world to read, they just don´t seem to give me the same sense of satisfaction when I type them. It´s quite nice to just scribble them across random pieces of paper at work though (usually in meetings where it may be considered inappropriate to actually shout them out loud...)

  4. So I was actually doing some work yesterday afternoon (unlike now) and I was on a deadline. Every little thing that could go wrong, did...the printer jammed, I ran out of paper for my adding machine-calculator thing, the phone kept ringing...Luckily I was in the office alone because the words, they were a-flyin'. I so enjoy stringing them all together in one long hyphenated curse.