Sunday, June 2, 2013

“So What's Your Blog Gonna be About?”

I have had many questions on this. OK, not really, no one has asked. Although my dog appears interested. Oh wait, she just wants a cookie.

Well, just in case anyone is wondering, here’s the answer…I don’t know. Back in 2010ish, I planned to start a blog to coordinate with my YouTube channel that was mainly about makeup and related accoutrements. (Hah! How often do you get to use that word?!)  But I don’t see my blog going in that direction now. Sure there will probably be the occasional product review/rant/rave and maybe an occasional haul, but that won’t be the focus.

I have a lot of different interests. So I think I will just be writing about the hobby du jour. My current obsession is Filofax, so you will see posts about that.

I’m an organizer so (since there aren’t enough blogs about organizing) I’ll be hitting that topic.

Other interests: reading (maybe some book reviews?), cooking (former Personal Chef, so should be able to do something with that), gadget girl (gotta at least do favorite/worst apps and my latest “toys”). I’m an Accountant by trade (nah, nothing there). Althooough I mostly worked in Media (Advertising, Television, Radio), so maybe some stories…

So what have we learned? Even though you now have a glimpse into my world, there is still no definitive answer to the original question. I can tell what you won’t find here. Religion and politics. Not goin’ there. Oh, and kids. I don’t have any, so no cutesy pictures or stories. KIDS! How could I forget?! My pets…you will definitely be hearing from about them…

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